It is also recommended to live in a motorbike storage place

Places I like at my current residence

My house is a detached house on the hill. The place I like the most in my current place is the view from the second floor reading space. Because it is on the hill, you can see the city. Of course you can see a beautiful night view at night and you can really relax. Dare to place a big window in the place where the scenery is beautiful, I attached a horizontally long counter equipped there, and made a reading space. Because the counter is about 3 meters, everyone in the family can read books.

The space I like the most is the reading space on the second floor, but I like it because there are other household chores in my house. Even if we say a household office, we do not do housework there, only a small room with my own desk. Housewives are not going to have their own room quite. But by having this little room, I can have time for myself, so I can change my mind. For a housewife, it is a very appreciated room. When building the current house, I got lost in the two places, but it was nice to really choose the land now. Neighborhood neighbors are also good people, so I can live comfortably, so it is a very satisfying my home.

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