It is also recommended to live in a motorbike storage place

Housing that can keep pets

For those who want to breed dogs, it is recommended to live in a single-family real estate property. In the case of apartment life such as rental apartment real estate properties and condominium real estate properties, places where pets can be raised are increasing recently. However, even if breeding of a pet is possible, many residents do not keep pets, others who are not good at pets, etc. There are people who are not good at pets, so if you are walking on a shared area, you have to keep walking with a pet and have various conventions, so that those who can keep the terms properly can keep up I will do.

So I have to keep breeding carefully so as not to disturb other people. Also, the type of pet you keep, the size of your pet, the number of pets, etc. are finely decided and those who can meet the condition can live in the apartment. So if you are a detached real estate property that you can keep pets at your own pace without observing the terms and conditions, you can go for a walk as soon as you leave the house, You can keep your favorite pet without worrying about it. So even if the pet runs around the house it does not matter.

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