It is also recommended to live in a motorbike storage place

Housing that I can do as I imagined

In the case of single-family real estate properties, we can flexibly cope with changes in lifestyle when thinking about reforming our house. In the case of a single-family real estate property, it is possible to change the residence freely if it is within the premises. So of course the interior renovation is, of course, can change to the outdoor place. You can change the atmosphere of the exterior, expand the building, or remodel the garden. Also, when the house has become old and leave as an asset to the children, even if the building is renovated it is old, so we can build a new detached real estate by rebuilding and live for a long time can do.

That point I can not do anything with my apartment real estate property. Because it will be borrowed, if you say that the real estate company and the landlord will repair it, you must obey it and you can not do the renovation yourself again. In addition, although condominium real estate properties, etc. can be remodeled by oneself, apartments will be managed outside the room. Moreover, although it can do renovation, it is impossible to take various methods such as extension and rebuilding. So it is a single-family real estate property that can make it all your own ideal.

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